Peru: Get to know Puno's specialty coffees demanded in Europe and U.S.

12:47 | Puno (Puno region), May. 9.

Coffee growers along Tambopata and Inambari Valleys in Southern Puno region have registered eight brands of specialty coffees highly demanded in U.S. and Europe markets, whose sales revenues exceed US$6 million a year.

"This is the result of more than 50 years working in the field —with rustic technology at first— to produce completely organic coffee, thus reaching the top position as the best Peruvian coffee," Sandia Valley Cooperatives Central (Cecovasa) Manager Jimmy Larico stated.

The high-quality coffees produced in Puno's jungle are the result of efforts by more than 5,000 farmers, technical support, and Cecovasa's quality control.

As a result, coffee beans grown by Wilson Sucaticona, Raul Mamani, and Vicentina Phocco have won major international awards.

The eight specialty coffee brands are Titicaca, Aymara, Tambopata, Bahuaja, Tunki, Quechua, Inambari, and Sillpa.

They were all created by Quechua and Aymara farmers in Sandia province's valleys, where organic coffee beans are cultivated.

It must be noted 40% of the annual production (12,000 quintals) is exported to countries in Europe, including Germany and England, 30% to the United States, and the remaining 30% to Asian markets.

"We export an intermediate product, which is delivered to our processing plant to get export-type green coffee. The roasting process is carried out by importers," Jimmy Larico explained.


Published: 5/9/2018
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