Peru: Gamarra garment area reopened after 72 hours in lockdown

14:42 | Lima, Mar. 14.

Authorized pedestrian and vehicular access points at Gamarra garment emporium in Lima were opened to public Thursday at 8:00 AM, three days after police officers sealed them off to eradicate unlicensed commerce.

Peru's National Police and La Victoria district's patrol guards hold strict control at all gates in order to prevent the entry of peddlers. They check ID cards and stop those with shopping bags and large packages to do so.

This restriction has resulted in long lines at access gates. Vendors, workers, loaders, and consumers themselves —many of whom come from provinces— must undergo a rapid inspection by authorities.

La Victoria Municipality last night announced that the schedule of loading and unloading operations will be between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM of the following day.

Andina news agency explored the surroundings of the largest garment area in the capital city and verified that streets were tidy and clean, unlike a couple of days ago when thousands of peddlers hindered the flow of people and vehicles.

The abovementioned operation kicked off before dawn Monday under orders of the mayor of Lima's La Victoria district, George Forsyth, a retired soccer pro who —after taking office early this year— launched a merciless war against the many unregulated, untaxed businesses in the area.

Roughly 2,000 police took control of access to the garment area, blocked 14 of its 19 entrances and started confiscating merchandise from the small army of street vendors while suspending classes at the seven schools in the area.

Also closed down was the Lima Metro Line station that serves Gamarra.


Published: 3/14/2019
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