Peru: Fugitive ex-lawmaker added to Most Wanted List, bounty worth US$30,300

Photo: Mininter

Photo: Mininter

14:33 | Lima, May. 6.

Peruvian Interior Minister Carlos Moran on Monday announced expelled lawmaker and fugitive Edwin Donayre was included into the Most Wanted List, and a bounty worth over S/100,000 (around US$30,300) will be offered in exchange for information leading to his location and arrest.

In this sense, the official informed that —according to National Police's (PNP) intelligence reports— Donayre is currently in Lima. 

Likewise, Moran lamented the Legislative Branch's delay in lifting the ex-Congressman's parliamentary immunity and considered this legal mechanism should not equal impunity for those who commit crimes

Last week, Congress approved to lift Donayre's parliamentary immunity so he can serve a 5-year sentence ordered by the Judiciary for having stolen fuel from a military unit in Tacna region, while he served as its head in 2006. 

Alan Garcia

Concerning the death of ex-President Alan Garcia, the Interior Minister affirmed it was a suicide, and there is no other explanation for said event. 


Published: 5/6/2019
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