Peru: Fishery sector landings up 11.8% in 2019

15:18 | Lima, Feb. 3.

Peru's Production Ministry (Produce) on Monday announced that fishery landings for direct human consumption in 2019 had a positive performance by registering a growth of 11.8% over the previous year.

Likewise, it indicated that the corresponding volume reached 1.371 million metric tons.

This result meant the highest one after some years (1.328 million in 2014), thus mainly responding to the greater landing of resources for freezing (29%) and canning (20.3%) purposes.  

Among the species that experienced increase in landing volumes for the freezing industry were squid, horse mackerel, tuna, and shrimp. 

Likewise —with regards to the canning industry— catches of bonito, horse mackerel, and tuna, among others, increased.  
In monetary terms, the extractive activity for direct human consumption in 2019 generated more than S/2.3 billion (above US$681.28 million), the ministry pointed out.
December results
Produce also detailed the result registered in December 2019 —month in which the catches of fishery resources for direct human consumption amounted to 83,700 tons— representing an increase of 8.7% over the previous December.

The figure responds to greater landings of resources for the freezing industry (35.5%) and —to a lesser extent— for canning (3.6%) purposes.


Published: 2/3/2020
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