Peru FA Min, UNHCR discuss the situation of Venezuelan migrants

15:07 | Brussels (Belgium), Oct. 28.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Gustavo Meza-Cuadra and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi held a meeting in Brussels on Monday, within the framework of the International Solidarity Conference on the Venezuelan Refugee and Migrant Crisis.

The diplomat said that Peru has been implementing different measures within its immigration policy in order to welcome Venezuelan citizens, as well as to ensure safe, orderly, and regular migration flows.

He also thanked the support received by the UNHCR on this matter.

Meza-Cuadra and Grandi agreed that the humanitarian assistance approach has played a very important role in addressing the first stage of the emergency, but now it is important to work on a development approach which allows facing the structural needs derived from this unprecedented exodus in the region.

The UNHCR praised the efforts made by the Peruvian State to receive Venezuelan migrants, recognizing there are many challenges that still remain to be faced.

For this reason, he deemed as important Peru's presence in the conference, in order to make known the reality it faces on a daily basis while receiving Venezuelan migrants and supporting their adaptation, as well as integration, into Peruvian society.

In addition, he reiterated the UNHCR's commitment to continue providing assistance in various areas related to refugee issues, as well as a better understanding and collaboration by the international community.


Published: 10/28/2019
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