FA Min: Peru not to close its doors to Venezuelans

12:52 | Lima, Aug. 22.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio affirmed the Government of Peru will not close its doors to Venezuelan citizens leaving their country due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The diplomat reiterated the Andean nation's permanent solidarity with this situation, which "has been demonstrated," he underlined.

Popolizio deplored xenophobic sentiments and explained that the recently adopted measures —like the passport requirement for Venezuelans wishing to enter Peru— seek to regularize the immigration process.

Visas will be granted in exceptional cases, for example, to immigrant mothers with their children.

"Everyone else will be required to show their passports, taking into account that 80% of Venezuelans present this document, and only 20% of them show their national ID cards —a document that can be easily forged," he said.

The official deems it necessary to address the Venezuelan immigration issue on a multilateral —not bilateral— basis. Therefore, he noted arrangements are being made with Colombian, Ecuadorian, and Brazilian authorities.

According to the minister, in one or two weeks, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) will hold a meeting to discuss the migratory crisis in the Bolivarian country.

No Venezuelan has been deported, he assured, and there are 85,000 asylum applications, of which 90% are denied.


Published: 8/22/2018
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