Peru FA Min: Ex-President Toledo's extradition process on schedule

16:47 | Lima, Aug. 3.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio on Friday announced Ex-President Alejandro Todelo's extradition from the United States is on schedule.

Likewise, he ruled out intentional delays aimed at avoiding the ex-president's return to the Inca country.

"Everything is in order, everything is on schedule (...). The procedure is the appropriate one and is completed within the deadline," the official told reporters. 

The cabinet member also underlined these extradition proceedings may take up to two years, according to deadlines set by U.S. authorities.

It must be noted Toledo's extradition file was assessed by the U.S. Department of State, which subsequently sent it to the Department of Justice to continue the corresponding process.

Toledo —who currently resides as a fugitive from Peruvian justice in the United States— is accused of crimes of influence peddling, collusion, and money laundering.

As is known, the Peruvian Judicial Power issued an 18-month pretrial detention request against him in 2017 for allegedly having received a US$20-million bribe from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht.

Said transaction was made when Toledo was President of Peru (2001-2006).  


Published: 8/3/2018
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