Peru exceeded average mobile speed in South America

11:00 | Lima, Oct. 24.

Peru exceeded the average speed of mobile internet access in South America, holding the 4th position in the most recent report published by Ookla in September, the Peruvian State-run Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) has reported.

According to Ookla, Peru registered a mean download speed of 24.8 Mbps —a figure slightly lower (by 0.7) the one obtained in August.

Nevertheless, this result surpassed those of Ecuador (24.6 Mbps), Bolivia (22.6 Mbps), Chile (21.2 Mbps), Paraguay (20.7 Mbps), Colombia (18.3 Mbps), and Venezuela (7.7 Mbps). It also exceeded the average in South America (24.2 Mbps).

Meanwhile, Uruguay (38.1 Mbps), Brazil (22.9 Mbps), and Argentina (29.8 Mbps) were the nations with the best performances in the analyzed period.

Likewise, the ratio between download and upload speeds was 52.8%. Besides, the average latency reached 35 ms, registering similar figures over recent months.

Fixed broadband

Likewise, Ookla pointed out that Peruvian fixed broadband's download speeds are gradually increasing, which reached 58.7 Mbps in September, some 0.7 Mbps higher than in August.

Concerning Wi-Fi, Peru ranked 7th out of 10 South American countries —below the regional average of 75.4 Mbps.

Despite this, Peru's performance was 33.4% higher compared to that of Ecuador (39.1 Mbps), and twice higher than those of Bolivia (27.8 Mbps) and Venezuela (23.9 Mbps).
Furthermore, fixed broadband’s upload and download speed ratio has been sustainably decreasing over recent months, reaching 48.2% in September. Meanwhile, the average latency was 34 ms.


Published: 10/24/2021
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