Peru: Eradication of coca crops prevents entry of 232,000 kg of cocaine into black market

12:16 | Mazamari (Junin region), Dec. 11.

The eradication of 25,526 ha of illegal coca plantations in Peru during 2019 prevented the entry of 232,000 kg of cocaine hydrochloride —valued at US$5 billion in the United States— into the black market, State-run National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) Executive President Ruben Vargas said on Wednesday.

"Finally, the objective of eradication is to prevent coca from becoming cocaine. This year, we have avoided 232,000 kg of cocaine hydrochloride. That, in monetary terms, equals more than US$5 billion, considering its price in the United States, and US$400 million, considering the price in Peru," he expressed.

The Devida representative pledged hard work to prevent the expansion of illegal crops and further introduction of drug trafficking in vulnerable sectors like native communities, as well as to set up an ever-higher barrier for these illicit activities.

Accordingly, Vargas cited as example the operations to control and reduce illegal coca plantations conducted in Alto Huallaga Valley, located between Huanuco and San Martin regions.

"The State response to drug trafficking cannot be reduced to eradication or alternative development. In addition, it has to be a comprehensive response and consider the fight against diversion of chemical inputs and money laundering," he noted.


Published: 12/11/2019