Peru Energy Mines Ministry attends workshop in Canada

00:00 | Sudbury (Canada), Aug. 15.

Peru's Energy and Mines Ministry (Minem) participates in the Building Environmental Strategies Workshop presented by Laurentian University.

Deputy Mines Minister Augusto Cauti —who represented Minem— was invited in June by the Laurentian University in order to share experiences and promote improvements concerning the current problems with mining environmental liabilities in the Inca country. 

The successful Canadian experience will be useful for a new Mining Law proposal —currently being created by the Peruvian Government— aimed at strengthening environmental protection and relations with communities. 

Laurentian University researchers —along with the Core Foundation— have shown interest in working with the Peruvian Government on the remediation of areas affected by mining activities, as well as on rebuilding ties with local communities. 

During the workshop, the teams will assess governmental regulation as a key aspect to remediate the effects on the environment and how businesses can increase productivity and decrease impact on the environment, among others.

At the end of the event, the participants will present an environmental remediation action plan, underlining strengths and areas for continuous improvement. 

Laurentian University has played a significant role in working with the government, industry and community to remediate Sudbury's environment over the past 50 years.

With government regulation, scientific monitoring and community engagement, Sudbury reached the goal of green mining while transforming the environment for the benefit of a healthy region.


Published: 8/15/2019
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