Peru: Election board reaffirms transparency in election, asks to wait for official results

09:19 | Lima, Jun. 7.

National Elections Board (JNE) Chairman Jorge Luis Salas has reiterated that conditions for "reasonable and transparent elections" are in place, urging Peruvians to remain calm while waiting for the official results of the presidential runoff election.

"It should be taken into account that 166 international observers participate (in the process), as well as 1,400 Transparency Civil Association observers; so, conditions for reasonable and transparent elections are in place," he said in remarks to TV Peru on Sunday evening.

In this regard, he stressed the need to seek consensus and to avoid promoting hatred or divisions in the country.

Salas explained that "polling station members are the ones who decide on the validity of votes in the first instance, according to law, and Special Electoral Boards (JEE) will decide on challenged votes in the last instance.


Published: 6/7/2021