Peru economy not to be affected, macroeconomic policy unchanged

14:15 | Lima, Oct. 4.

Peruvian economy —especially the path that enabled it to embrace globalization and attract investments— will not be affected under the new Cabinet, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez said on Friday.

According to the official, although it is a new Cabinet, it represents the continuation of a Government that knows its economic policies and plans, adding the National Competitiveness Plan and the National Infrastructure Plan are two important pillars. 

With regard to his portfolio, Vasquez said two essential strategies have been launched in partnership with the private sector. 

The first one is Safe Tourism aimed at guaranteeing a pleasant stay and travel experience for domestic and foreign tourists. 

The second one is Mipyme (micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) Strategy. This initiative was created to provide them with all the certifications so they can access international markets. 

Thus, the Inca country will keep the pillars of its macroeconomic policy intact.

"Peru will remain a stable macroeconomic nation," he expressed. 

Likewise, he noted that 4.6 million tourists are expected to visit the country this year. 

Non-traditional exports

"We are working to get updated figures, but in 2019 we will clearly break a record in non-traditional exports," Vasquez added. 


Published: 10/4/2019
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