Peru: E-Commerce contributed 5.75% to GDP in 2018

09:14 | Lima, May. 31.

E-Commerce contributed 5.75% to the country's GDP during 2018, amounting to approximately S/11.5 billion (US$3.424 billion) in sales volume, the Peruvian Chamber of E-Commerce (Capece) has informed.

Thanks to digitalization, more citizens opt for digital channels to acquire diverse goods and services. 

According to Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), nearly 6 million Peruvians make purchases on the Internet, motivated mainly by promotions, discounts, packages, and other online incentives. 


Likewise, e-commerce in the Inca country might register a 100% increase in the next five years and could reach up to US$5 billion by 2024, Euromonitor's latest report pointed out. 


Furthermore, digital dynamism has enabled e-commerce to remain active and reach even more users, Bsale Peru Manager Carla Follegati indicated. 

On the other hand, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) data shows 31% of e-commerce's potential buyers have made a purchase in the last 12 months. 


Published: 5/31/2019
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