Peru: Deputy FA Min attends Alliance for Multilateralism meeting

Photo: Twitter RR.EE.

Photo: Twitter RR.EE.

18:35 | Lima, Jun. 26.

Peruvian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Jaime Pomareda on Friday participated in a virtual meeting of the Alliance for Multilateralism forum, which is organized by France and Germany.

At the event, the diplomat highlighted the importance of strengthening the multilateral health system.

The purpose of said strengthening is to ensure universal access to vaccines, treatments, and medicines.

On the occasion, emphasis was placed on the need to prevent abuse emerged from spreading false information on social media, which may have negative consequences on people's health.


The Alliance for Multilateralism is an informal network of countries united in their conviction that a rules-based multilateral order is the only reliable guarantee for international stability and peace and that our common challenges can only be solved through cooperation.

The Alliance aims to renew the global commitment to stabilize the rules-based international order, uphold its principles and adapt it, where necessary.

It supports a universal and effective multilateral order. It is an invitation, open to every state that shares this endeavor and is committed to contributing to the rules-based international order and multilateral cooperation, based on the rule of law, on the UN Charter and international law.


Published: 6/26/2020
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