Peru: Cusco proposes implementing vaccine tourism, promoting arrival of immunized tourists

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

16:31 | Cusco (Cusco region), Apr. 27.

The Regional Government of Cusco proposed implementing vaccine tourism in said region and boosting the arrival of tourists from countries —such as Israel and the United States— where progress has been made on the COVID-19 vaccination process, Governor Jean Paul Benavente reported on Tuesday.

The authority argued that this initiative must become part of a strategy —which will help reactivate tourism and Cusco's economy— to be implemented next June —the month of jubilee festivities in this region.

In remarks to Andina news agency, Benavente recalled that this plan has been proposed to the Ministries of Health and Foreign Trade-Tourism, adding he is confident that he will obtain the support to provide a boost to tourism in Cusco.

"We are going to ask the Government to gradually open the borders and promote vaccine tourism from countries where there has been progress on the vaccination against COVID-19 (…)," he pointed out.

The governor said the vaccination goals are expected to be reached in one month and a half and thus give the population peace of mind to launch the path of reactivation.

The regional authority added that the objective is to promote Cusco as a safe destination.

"This campaign will begin on June 24 (Cusco's jubilee day) and thus take advantage of July and August to receive visitors from the northern hemisphere," he said.


Moreover, Governor Benavente claimed that around 400,000 doses are needed to immunize people aged above 60 across Cusco.

He specified that there are 27,000 older adults ready to be immunized, and they account for 15% of Cusco's population. This sector is made up of people aged above 60 and vulnerable ones, each of whom will receive two doses.

"We rely on a schedule for vaccinating people over 80 years of age, who exceed 27,000. They are followed by citizens aged 70 to 80, nearly 50,000," he added.

The governor also requested the Peruvian Government to meet the deadlines established for the delivery of doses so that the vaccination plan can go on.


Published: 4/27/2021
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