Peru: Congress formalizes five-year disqualification of former President Vizcarra

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

12:57 | Lima, May. 14.

The Congress of the Republic on Saturday made official the disqualification for five years from exercising public office of former President Martin Vizcarra —in his capacity as former State minister.

A legislative resolution, published in the Official Gazette El Peruano, indicates that this measure is taken for having committed an infringement of the Constitution's Article 126.

This article states that "ministers shall neither be a manager of their own interests or those of third parties, engage in profitable activities, nor may they be involved in the administration or management of private enterprises or associations."

Likewise, the latest resolution specifies that the measure is in accordance with the procedure established in Article 100 of the Magna Carta and subparagraph i) of Article 89 of Congress regulations.

During a Congress plenary session held last Thursday, the disqualification of former President Vizcarra was approved with 67 votes in favor, 5 against, and 15 abstentions.

The final report of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations concluded that Vizcarra had committed a constitutional violation of Article 126, regarding the prohibition of intervening in the administration or management of private companies and associations.

According to the document, he had not renounced his status as a directorial board member and operations manager at CyM company when he assumed the position of Transportation and Communications minister in 2016.

About Vizcarra

Later, Vizcarra ran for a seat in Congress in the 2021 general elections and became the most voted candidate for Parliament.

However, he was disqualified from the exercise of any public function by Congress on April 16 of that year.


Published: 5/14/2022
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