Peru: President Vizcarra accepts Congress' decision, to leave office tonight

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

21:52 | Lima, Nov. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Monday night affirmed that he accepts the decision taken recently during a Congress plenary session, at which a second presidential impeachment against him was approved by the majority of legislators.

In an Address to the Nation, the Head of State asserted that he will not file any legal action on the actions of Parliament, which removed him from office a couple hours ago. The decision was the outcome of 105 votes in favor, 19 against, and 4 abstentions.

Likewise, the President indicated that he is leaving office with a clear conscience after having complied with his duty for the sake of the country.

"Congress has voted for the presidential vacancy. History and the Peruvian people will judge the decisions that each one makes. In line with my democratic convictions, I declare that I am leaving the Government Palace tonight," he expressed.

Joined by members of the Ministerial Cabinet, Mr. Vizcarra said that he will withdraw from the Government Palace with his "head held high," adding that he will face the investigations against him.

"I leave the Palace the way I entered 2 years 8 months ago, with my head held high. I am going to face the corresponding investigations to prove the falsehood of the accusations," he emphasized.

Mr. Vizcarra said that —during his tenure in office— he always acted hand-in-hand with citizens, and that "the Peruvian people have been my greatest support and strength."

"When we decided to face the scourge of corruption, it was clear to us that we were taking these risks. I reaffirm to the Peruvian people that I am leaving with a clear conscience and my duties fulfilled," he remarked.

Mr. Vizcarra also said he hoped that revelations would soon uncover the "underlying" reasons that resulted in votes in favor of the presidential vacancy.
Lastly, he thanked the population that has supported him and pointed out that he has always put all his effort, ability, and heart at the service of the people. 

Second impeachment

As is known, lawmakers debated the second impeachment motion against President Vizcarra on grounds of "permanent moral incapacity" about alleged facts from the time he had served as Moquegua region governor (2011-2014).

Moreover, while exercising his right to defense, he asked lawmakers to focus on Peruvian citizens and their priorities.

Furthermore, Mr. Vizcarra asserted that his administration has worked hard and made the best efforts to improve health services, during the nearly eight months of the worst health crisis in our history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After delivering his speech, the President left the Congress venue to make a trip to Junin region for the continuation of feasibility and urban works there.


Published: 11/9/2020
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