Peru: Colca Valley received over 61,000 tourists in 2020

12:36 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Jan. 3.

Colca Valley, located in Arequipa region, received 61,113 tourists throughout 2020, a lower figure than the one reported a year before due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the country, the Autonomous Authority of Colca (Autocolca) has reported.

According to Autocolca Manager Winder Anconeira, 18,313 visitors were foreigners, while 31,345 were national tourists and 11,455 students.

Anconeira noted that the pandemic has affected tourism in Colca Valley by approximately 79%, since 287,407 tourists (173,938 foreigners, 59,320 national tourists, and 54,149 students) reached the area in 2019.

Colca Valley reopened to tourists on October 15 —after being closed for seven months— to the satisfaction of the sector made up of tour guides, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, artisans, among others.


Autocolca reported that the routes belonging to the "Colca Valley, Salinas, Aguada Blanca, and Valley of the Volcanoes Circuit" are operational in order to continue boosting the economic reactivation this year.

In this regard, it recommended that visits be paid during the day, rather than in the afternoon or at night, due to the occurrence of heavy rainfall and snowfall during this season.

Another outstanding route is the one on the left side of the Canyon, or conventional route, where you can visit the villages of Chivay, Yanque, Achoma, Maca, Cabanaconde, and Tapay, which include attractions such as La Calera Hot Springs, Pinchollo Geyser, Condor Cross, the museum housing the Mummy Juanita or Lady of Ampato, Achachiwua Viewpoint, Sangalle Oasis, Huaruro Waterfall, and tourist viewpoints.

On the right side, tourists can visit the districts of Coporaque, Ichupampa, Lari, Madrigal, including attractions such as the Sallihua Hot Springs, the Archaeological Complex of Uyo Uyo, and the Chimpa Fortress.


Published: 1/3/2021
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