Peru: Chavin de Huantar tunnel builders named 'Defenders of Democracy'

11:15 | Lima, Apr. 22.

Miners and auxiliary staff that built the four tunnels used in the Chavin de Huantar military operation to rescue MRTA hostages at Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima will be regarded as "Defenders of Democracy" from now on, according to a bill passed by Congress.

Published Sunday in El Peruano official gazette, the new law recognizes the personnel who made the military operation possible and the hostages who helped run intelligence operations for their distinguished service to the nation and their courage in the fight against terrorism.

They were all declared "Qualified Defenders of Democracy" under such rule.

Additionally, their children, spouse or common-law wife will be given access to scholarships and financial awards to assist them in pursuing higher education.

This way, April 22 and September 12 are established as "Days of Defenders of Democracy" in memory of Armed Forces and National Police members, as well as of Chavin de Huantar Military Operation commandos.

Likewise, these days pay tribute to National Police Special Intelligence Group (GEIN) members, self-defense committees and those citizens who died, were injured or disabled as a result of the struggle against terrorism.

As is known, Chavin de Huantar commandos took part in the rescue of hostages held captive by terrorist Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) in Peru back in 1997.

A total of 71 people alive were released in said mega operation.

The MRTA terrorists died during the rescue operation.

On the other hand, the raid claimed the lives of then-Supreme Court Justice Carlos Giusti, commandos Juan Valer and Raul Jimenez. 


Published: 4/22/2018
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