Peru: Castillo vows to respect democracy and rights of Peruvians without favoritism



17:56 | Lima, May. 17.

Peru Libre presidential candidate Pedro Castillo on Monday vowed "with all his heart" that he will respect democracy, as well as equal rights and opportunities of all Peruvians, without discrimination or favoritism.

During the signing of the "Citizen Proclamation - Oath for Democracy," Castillo affirmed that he participated in the event at the request of his people, students, community, family, and parents.

"I swear with all my heart, I do swear with all my heart, that I will respect true democracy and equal rights and opportunities of the Peruvian people, without any discrimination and favoritism," he said.

Moreover, Peru Libre's candidate greeted the institutions that promoted this signing, as well as the Peruvian College of Physicians, where the ceremony was held, with whom he made a commitment to make their demands to combat the pandemic his own.

Before reading the document and expressing his commitment to it, he called for a minute of silence for all the victims of COVID-19 in the country.

"The blood spilled by people will never be forgotten. A Peruvian who dies in combat never dies," he expressed.

Afterwards, Castillo vowed to get the State's biggest efforts underway, immediately, in order to defeat the pandemic; apply treatment and universal vaccination; as well as respect and defend the right to life and human rights.

Additionally, he pledged to leave office after July 28, 2026, without seeking re-election mechanisms. 

He also assured that all changes in the Constitution will be made through the constitutional mechanisms in force and that he will respect the separation of powers at State level as well as the autonomy of constitutional bodies, among other things.


Published: 5/17/2021
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