Peru: Blueberry exports break record in Nov 2019

16:12 | Lima, Jan. 10.

Peruvian fresh blueberry exports broke records in November 2019, becoming the product with the second-largest shipments by totaling US$733 million and expanding 64% over the same period in 2018, the Association of Peruvian Farming Producers (AGAP) reported on Friday.

This place was previously occupied by grapes.

AGAP affirmed that Peruvian Hass avocados still led the list with shipments worth US$743 million (+2.8%), not to mention the outstanding performance of grapes (US$599 million; +28%), and citrus fruits (US$205 million; +3%).
As for mango and organic banana exports, both products posted a slight decrease with shipments of US$201 million and US$140 million, respectively.

Peru's fresh fruit subsector grew 17.3%, thus reaching US$2.739 billion, while the vegetable subsector registered an increase of 12.57%, amounting to US$475 million.

Within this framework, asparagus stood out (US$349 million; +8%), followed by onions (US$76 million; +30%), peas (US$30 million; +28%), and garlic (US$14 million; +41%).
The main destination markets —for both subsectors— were North America (US$1.384 billion), Europe (US$1.298 billion), and Asia (US$339 million).

Likewise, coffee shipments amounted to US$548 million (-9%) and those of cacao reached US$269 million (+12%).
As at November 2019, the agriculture sector grew 7% totaling US$6.130 billion, and remained the country's second-most important exporting sector.


Published: 1/10/2020
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