Peru becomes China's largest copper supplier



17:14 | Lima, Sep. 28.

For the first time, Peru managed to surpass Chile as China's top source of imported copper concentrates, an article by Chilean El Mercurio newspaper revealed.

The southern gazette mentioned figures by Bloomberg claiming Peru exported 3.22 million tons of copper concentrates to the Asian Giant last August, whereas Chile shipped 2.72 million.


Among the reasons, the 44-day-strike that paralyzed operations at Chile's leading copper mine Escondida —at the beginning of the current year— influenced this result.

On its part, Peru was able to boost copper production by activating new mining projects or expanding existing ones.

Another Chilean newspaper affirmed Peru's new position responds to the increasing activities at Las Bambas mine (Apurimac region), which is owned by Chinese firm MMG.

Peru is experiencing a "new mining investment wave" due to greater business confidence and better metal prices, Economy and Finance Minister Claudia Cooper affirmed days ago.


Published: 9/28/2017