Peru: Agricultural exports up 25.1% to US$4.293 billion in Jan-Jun 2022

12:16 | Lima, Aug. 23.

Peru's agricultural exports continue their upward trend. In the first half of this year (January-June), said sales totaled US$4.293 billion, an increase of 25.1% compared to the same period in 2021, the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) reported on Tuesday.

Exports of traditional products represented 10.7% of the country's total export value in June, while non-traditional ones accounted for the remaining 89.3%.

Traditional agricultural exports totaled US$461 million, up 288.2% from June 2021, due to higher exports of unroasted coffee without decaffeination (US$435 million) and cane molasses (US$3.8 million), whose sales increased 365% and 14.6%, respectively. 

These two products accounted for 95% of Peru's traditional agricultural exports in said month.

Meanwhile, non-traditional exports totaled US$3.833 billion, a 15.6% rise compared to 2021.

The products that stood out in the agricultural-exports ranking in said period were fresh grapes, which totaled US$595 million and accounted for 15.5% of total sales; avocados (US$518 million; 13.5%), fresh mangoes (US$208 million; 5.4%); fresh cranberries (US$147 million; 3.8%); and frozen mangoes (US$125 million; 3.3%).

Main products

Other products that stood out in the ranking include fresh or chilled asparagus, whose sales amounted to US$124 million and made up 3.2% of the total; as well as animal feed (US$107 million; 2.8%); other fresh fruits (US$90 million; 2.3%); crude palm oil (US$65 million; 1.7%); bananas including plantains (US$64 million; 1.7%), other cacao beans (US$58 million; 1.5%), and other paprika (US$52 million; 1.4%). 

Together, these 12 products accounted for 56% of the non-traditional exportable supply.

Between January and June this year, the products that contributed the most to this increase included crude palm oil (218%), tara seed mucilage (178.7%), fresh cranberries (134.4%), palm oil and its fractions (123.4%), ethyl alcohol (106%), carded or combed fine hair (45.2%), other paprika (35.9%), fresh grapes (32%), animal feed (22.7%), frozen mangoes (19.1%), among others.

Midagri underlined that, within the basket of non-traditional products, sales of fruits and vegetables reached US$2.212 billion (58% of non-traditional agricultural exports) as of June 2022, an increase of 4.5% compared to the same period in 2021.


Published: 8/23/2022