Peru: 95% of teachers have received second vaccine dose

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

14:19 | Lima, Jan. 14.

During a meeting with regional governors, Education Minister Rosendo Serna called for strengthening the decentralization process for a proper return to face-to-face classes and reiterated that his administration will be guided by a decentralizing and territorial approach.

At the meeting, the Cabinet member affirmed that coordinated work with regions will be key to 
guaranteeing an adequate return of school students to classrooms this March.

"The urgent thing is to return to face-to-face classes; this is the main issue during the first two months, but we have to continue thinking about administrative reform in the medium term, and there we must focus our attention on the territorial approach," Serna expressed.

"It cannot be possible that solutions come to the Ministry of Education (Minedu) and then return to regions with the consequent loss of time," he added.

Referring to specific and isolated cases or situations that may arise in regions during the return to school, Serna said the immediate response will be put into practice because regional governments rely on administrative autonomy to respond (to said eventualities) in coordination with the Education Ministry.

On the other hand, the Cabinet member pointed out that a modern administration raises three fundamental aspects: e-government, administrative simplification, and multisectorality, so that users are satisfied with an efficient service.

Likewise, the high-ranking official indicated that in this multisectoral administration, and for the specific case of the health emergency, the health sector plays an important role.

The official went on to add that his portfolio is in permanent coordination with Health Minister Hernando Cevallos.

"We will take into account the technical aspects of the epidemiological situation determined by the Health Ministry so as to make the best decision," he noted.

COVID-19 vaccination

Minister Serna argued that under current conditions the entire community should know that the vaccine is important in health emergency situations. 

In this sense, he pointed out that teachers, parents, and students will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

"We are in the process of reflecting on the unvaccinated (population) to see what we do about it, we will surely provide an adequate solution to this issue," he added, after reporting that 95% of teachers have already received both doses and that his portfolio is working so that they receive a booster dose.

Remarks were made during an event also attended by Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez, governors, and education sector officials.


Published: 1/14/2022
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