Peru: 70% believe Fuerza Popular, Apra political parties protect ex-Attorney General

13:08 | Lima, Jun. 18.

70% of Peruvians believe Fuerza Popular and Apra political parties are protecting former Attorney General Pedro Chavarry, a Datum poll revealed Tuesday.

According to the survey, 19% think the two above-mentioned political parties are not protecting Chavarry, while 11% did not know about the matter or did not answer the question.

For its part, APRA is the party formerly led by ex-President Alan Garcia, who died over a self-inflicted shot to the head after authorities arrived at his home with a preliminary detention order linked to the Odebrecht case investigation.

In Peru, the Public Ministry and the Attorney General are independent from the Judicial Branch.

Back then, his successor Attorney General Zoraida Avalos affirmed the Port's While Collars criminal organization indeed existed, and it was not a "badly-written script" as Chavarry —an alleged member of the gang— had claimed.


Furthermore, 40% of Peruvians are not willing to vote for the same political parties —if parliamentary elections take place— or would vote blank. 

Technical details

Pollster name: Datum Internacional S.A.
Coverage: National level
Sample size: 1,211 respondents
Margin of error: +/- 2.8%
Level of confidence: 95%
Fieldwork period: June 7-10, 2019


Published: 6/18/2019