Pacific Alliance to boost trade with Asia

14:03 | Lima, Sep. 3.

Peru will host the 7th Macro-Business Round of the Pacific Alliance in 2019, the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board's Deputy Director for International Promotion Jose Quiñones informed Monday.

According to him, one of the event's main goals will be to consolidate the bloc's exporting presence in the great Asian market. 

"Even though the intra-regional market is attractive, we want to boost trade with those countries interested in becoming members of the Pacific Alliance, namely (those from) the Asian region," he expressed. 

As is known, the 6th Macro-Business Round took place in Oaxaca (Mexico) on August 30-31.

It should be noted 36 Asian buyers participated in the gathering. 

This type of events is the most important business meeting for the alliance's exporters and importers, especially those from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Said gathering's goal is to create trading relations, develop business, establish strategic alliances, and boost joint investments. 

Target market 

The Inca country's main target market within the bloc is Chile, followed by Colombia and Mexico. 

"Working together would provide us with a greater exportable supply. This can be done in other sectors, too, and would be of great help since Asian markets make large purchases," Quiñones pointed out. 

Observer States

There are currently over 50 Observer States interested in joining the Pacific Alliance due to their stable economies, as well as productive and investment capacities, plus tourism potential, the Deputy Director underlined. 

It should be noted the four PA members account for 57% of Latin American shipments. If they were considered as one country, it would be the world's eighth-largest economy, since it exported products and services worth over US$559 billion thru 2017. 


Published: 9/3/2018
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