President Vizcarra: Peru to bring Pacific Alliance benefits closer to citizens

15:13 | Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Jul. 24.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday said his country assumes the Pacific Alliance's pro-tempore presidency with honor and his administration will bring the benefits of said regional bloc closer to citizens.

"Peru will make every effort to bring this mechanism and its benefits closer to citizens. That must be our policies' aim," the dignitary said at the opening ceremony of the 13th Pacific Alliance Summit's presidential meeting.

According to the statesman, such efforts will result in a more integrated, globalized, connected, cohesive, and citizen-oriented Pacific Alliance by 2030.

Vizcarra emphasized that Pacific Alliance presidents' experience and enthusiasm are reflected in the concrete results obtained so far.

He also recalled the bloc is currently negotiating economic and trade deals with four associate member candidates: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore, with which the bloc has held five negotiation rounds to date.

"I'm convinced our teams will move steadily towards convenient results for both sides," the President added.

Likewise, he said expectations for the Pacific Alliance are tremendous and the member states have to be up to them, providing opportunities to citizens in the region.  

Vizcarra joined other members in welcoming South Korea and Ecuador, which also seek associate membership of the bloc.

Published: 7/24/2018
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