Over 3,600 cultural artifacts returned to Peru between 2017 and June 2019

00:00 | Lima, Jun. 19.

The Government of Peru has recovered more than 3,600 cultural objects between 2017 and June this year.

This achievement was possible thanks to articulated efforts by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs, National Police, Public Ministry, INTERPOL, and individuals who voluntarily returned the cultural, archaeological, and historical relics.

"1,675 artifacts were repatriated from abroad in 2017, and 1,812 in 2018. 131 objects have been returned so far this year, that is to say, altogether 3,618 cultural items have been recovered," said General Director of Cultural Heritage Defense at the Ministry of Culture Leslie Urteaga.

These goods are added to a long list of artifacts recovered by Peru over the past years, not only to be appreciated but also to reflect on the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property that is embraced by the State.

Urteaga remarked that voluntary returns have been carried in recent years, mainly from the United States and other countries, as a result of the efforts undertaken by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, with which the Culture Ministry works in close and constant collaboration.

Likewise, the official highlighted the attitude of citizens and institutions like universities and foreign museums, which returned the items voluntarily.

Nevertheless, some smugglers of cultural objects are recruited by large criminal organizations, so the State is undertaking a frontal fight against them.

Sweden case

Urteaga referred to the recovery process for Paracas textiles smuggled into Sweden, which is due to conclude in 2021.

"The textiles were illegally removed from our country in a Swede Ambassador's diplomatic pouch more than 80 years ago. Most of these fragments and textiles belong to Paracas (a pre-Inca culture)," she said.


Published: 6/19/2019
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