Argentina returns 92 pre-Hispanic artifacts to Peru

11:10 | Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mar. 8.

Peruvian Ambassador to Buenos Aires Peter Camino thanked Argentine authorities, institutions, and public figures for the recent restitution of 92 pre-Hispanic goods belonging to his country's cultural heritage.

In a ceremony held at the Peruvian Embassy in Argentina, the diplomat underscored the exemplary cooperation between the two countries in the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property.

Ambassador Camino noted that the protection and recovery of Peru's cultural heritage constitutes a State policy and one of the most important guidelines for the Inca country's foreign policy, as well as an issue of particular concern in the embassy's work.

According to the diplomat, Argentina has returned more than 4,500 objects to the Andean nation, which accounts for nearly half of the goods returned by countries around the world over the past 15 years.

For his part, Argentina's Culture Minister Pablo Avelluto and Deputy Foreign Minister Gustavo Zlauvinen, who were present in the ceremony, praised this fact as a successful case of cooperation between Peru and Argentina, which are united by deep historical ties.

The Argentine Culture head recalled a supreme decree issued on April 2, 1822, by General San Martin, through which Peru legislated in favor of protecting this type of goods. 

Additionally, the Argentine senior officials underlined the effectiveness in the application of valid international and bilateral instruments regarding the protection of cultural heritage, which helps better cope with illicit trafficking of these goods.


Published: 3/8/2019
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