Over 200,000 Venezuelans entered Peru

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

08:00 | Lima, Apr. 20.

More than 200,000 Venezuelan nationals are currently in Peru, most of them as tourists, meaning they are allowed to stay up to 183 days, Peruvian Migration Superintendent Eduardo Sevilla informed.

Over 36,000 of them have been granted a Temporary Resident Permit (PTP), which validates a holder's regular immigration status in the Inca country. 

Granted by the National Superintendence of Migrations, the PTP is valid for one year. 

PTP holders are allowed to study, work, access health services, open a bank account and pay taxes under Peruvian law.   

Sevilla explained the Venezuelan migration issue affects the whole region, not only Peru, and that both the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Refugee Agency have urged countries to welcome said immigrants and adopt measures to regularize their situation.

In this regard, Peru implemented the Temporary Resident Permit (PTP) in 2017, while Colombia issued the Special Permit of Permanence (PEP). Chile, on the other hand, has recently announced a Democratic Responsibility Visa for Venezuelan citizens.

According to the Migration Superintendent, more than 36,000 PTPs have been granted in Peru, whereas Colombia has issued over 171,000 PEPs.

He explained some Venezuelans are opting to apply for the PTP, while others continue their journey as they head south to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

It must be noted the number of Venezuelans crossing the Ecuadorian border has increased, as well as the number of those leaving the nation via Chile, which reflects Peru is a destination but also a transit country.


Published: 4/20/2018
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