ONPE official results: Castillo (50.201%); Fujimori (49.799%) at 99.998%

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

13:17 | Lima, Jun. 10.

Candidate Pedro Castillo (Peru Libre) obtained 50.201% of votes in Peru's presidential runoff election, followed by Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular) with 49.799% —out of 99.998% of voting records processed by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE).

According to ONPE's latest report, Castillo has received 8,796,434 votes, while his contender, Fujimori, has 8,726,025.

So far, there are 17,522,459 valid votes, 120,859 blank votes, and 1,084,821 invalid votes, bringing the total of ballots cast to 18,728,139.

ONPE's reports summarizing the results of the runoff election will be updated every half hour.


Published: 6/10/2021
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