Ohio State University scientists to study Peru's highest peak

Científicos de Universidad de Ohio investigarán al nevado Huascarán tras firma de convenio con Inaigem. ANDINA/Difusión

19:47 | Lima, Oct. 2.

Scientists at Ohio State University (USA) will study the climate of the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain range), particularly of the Huascaran snow-capped mountain.

In addition, they will examine its impact on the global climate system, as well as its temporal and spatial relationship with El Niño phenomenon.

To this end, Ohio State University representatives signed a cooperation agreement with the National Institute for Research on Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems (Inaigem).

Verán influencia del nevado Huascarán en sistema climático temporal.

Planned activities include the extraction of ice cores containing environmental and climate data from the past 19,000 years. 

Last August, Inaigem conducted the first scientific expedition to Huascaran in order to collect meteorological data from its surface gathered over the last 55 years.

The agreement between Inaigem and Ohio State University is a great contribution —from a social and economic perspective— as its results will help develop mitigation and adaptation programs for surrounding communities, among other benefits.

Inaigem trabajará con científicos de Universidad de Ohio.

The agreement was signed by Ohio State University's representative Lonnie Thompson —an American award-winning scientist and professor at the School of Earth Sciences. He is also head of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC).

BPCRC will carry out studies in the fields of glaciology, meteorology, and climatology in Huascaran along with Inaigem —a specialized technical body and top authority for scientific research on mountain glaciers and ecosystems in the Andean country.


Published: 10/2/2017
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