Lima Group to address Venezuela situation today

10:18 | Lima, Feb. 13.

The Peruvian Government has called a new Lima Group meeting for today in reaction to Venezuelan Electoral Council’s decision to hold early presidential elections on April 22.

According to Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry, the goal of the meeting is to assess actions to be taken in view of the political situation facing Venezuela.

Lima Group rejected the Venezuelan Government's decision to call presidential elections at a meeting held in Santiago on January 23.

"This decision hampers the completion of democratic, transparent and credible presidential elections, in accordance with international standards and contradicts democratic principles of good faith for dialogue between the government and the opposition," the document signed by the group reads.

Lima Group is composed of Foreign Affairs Ministers from 12 countries who met in Lima back in August 2017 to monitor the political crisis in the Bolivarian country.

As previously announced, participating foreign ministers are set to deliver press statements after the talks.

Such pronouncement will be made at Foreign Affairs Ministry's Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural Center at 5:30 PM (local time).


Published: 2/13/2018