Peru: Opposition leader Keiko Fujimori detained for 10 days (Full Story)

11:57 | Lima, Oct. 10.

Peru's Judicial Branch placed Fuerza Popular opposition party leader Keiko Fujimori under detention for ten days, her lawyer Giuliana Loza confirmed on Wednesday.

In statements to RPP radio and news station, the legal representative affirmed that Alberto Fujimori's daughter detention was conducted without any evidence and that she made herself available to Peruvian justice as soon as the decision was announced.

The opposition leader was notified of the measure as she showed up at the Prosecutor's Office to testify as part of a probe into contributions to her party. She was joined by her husband Mark Vito Villanella.

"There is no argument that supports this measure, not a reasonable one. She has fulfilled all the requirements stipulated by the Prosecutor's Office as part of its investigation. She has always made herself available to authorities," she stated.

According to Loza, this detention is unfair and inappropriate. Plus, it constitutes an abuse by the Public Ministry. 

Via Twitter, investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros informed detention was ordered for other 19 people, including former Congress Chairman Jaime Yoshiyama.

As is known, Keiko Fujimori is being investigated for money contributions transferred to her campaign at three cocktail parties held on February 13 and December 21, 2015, as well as on November 14, 2016. 

The prosecutor handling the case Jose Perez resolved to apply the Law against Organized Crime. Within this framework, the probe should be extended for up to 36 months. 


Published: 10/10/2018
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