Disney to release film based on 14-year-old Peruvian banker

14:00 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Jun. 10.

On September 25, in France, Walt Disney will release El Futuro es Nuestro (The Future is Ours), a film that tells the story of Jose Quisocala —a 14-year-old Peruvian who started the first eco-bank for children and youth when he was just seven.

The movie will be released in the United States and Latin America five months and one year later, respectively, the Bartselana Student Bank founder told Andina news agency, saying the filming ended a month ago in Arequipa.

He said a representative of the world's biggest children's entertainment brand came to Arequipa —known as La Ciudad Blanca or "The White City"— attracted by his story, which promotes care for the environment and savings among children.

According to Quisocala, the film tells other stories like that of an United Arab Emirates' child who wants to end forced marriage of young girls to older men.

About Jose Quisocala

When receiving the prize, Jose was 13 years old, but he was only 7 years old when he started an eco-bank for children together with his partners.

The eco-bank transforms environmental awareness and the act of recycling into a currency that children can use to buy products at the eco-bank or exchange for real money. 

The system clearly illustrates that the planet's common resources are limited and that we must be climate conscious and recycle the products that we no longer use. It creates awareness of consumption. 

This way caring about the environment becomes an investment. A system that gives children both economic independence and power to influence the climate.

About Children's Climate Prize 

The Children's Climate Prize is an international climate event for environmentally conscious people from all over the world. It is a platform to inspire and give young people opportunities to drive change. The prize is awarded to a young person who has taken extraordinary actions for the climate, environment, and future generations.


Published: 6/10/2019
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