Peruvian child wins international climate prize

00:00 | Lima, Nov. 14.

Peruvian Jose Quisocala is the winner of the Children's Climate Prize 2018, organized by Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi.

The corresponding award ceremony will take place on November 20th in Stockholm. 

The 13-year-old's project is an eco-bank that transforms environmental awareness and the act of recycling into a currency that children can use to buy products at the eco-bank or exchange for real money.

Likewise, children can also start their own bank accounts where they deposit their collected waste. At the bank, the waste is converted into money and they can choose to save it or withdraw the money immediately.

Jose's eco-bank has 10 educational centers with over 3,000 actively-engaged children and young adults who learn to invest and manage circular economic systems. This gives the children financial opportunities that they would never otherwise have. For them, the eco-bank entails an economic independence where they are not dependent on others. 

It should be noted the youngster started to run the eco-bank —with his partners— when he was 7 years old. 

Furthermore, the bank has attracted attention worldwide and Jose has received several environmental prizes.

"Jose's eco-bank is a brilliant way of linking economy and climate impact, both in thought and practice. The system clearly illustrates that the planet's common resources are limited and that we must be climate-conscious and recycle the products that we no longer use," the jury expressed. 

"It creates awareness of consumption. This way caring about the environment becomes an investment. A system that gives children both economic independence and power to influence the climate. The potential impact is amazing," it added. 

Additionally, as the winner, he will receive a prize award of 50000 SEK (around US$5504) to invest and scale climate projects.

About the Children's Climate Prize 

The Children's Climate Prize is an international climate event for environmentally conscious people from all over the world. It is a platform to inspire and give young people opportunities to drive change. The prize is awarded to a young person who has taken extraordinary actions for the climate, environment, and future generations.


Published: 11/14/2018