Constitutional Court Chair: Resolution on pardon for Fujimori clears way for release

15:00 | Lima, Nov. 29.

Constitutional Court (TC) Chairman Francisco Morales Saravia on Wednesday affirmed that the resolution clarifying the pardon for Alberto Fujimori —recently issued by the collegiate— clears the way for his immediate release from prison.

In remarks to RPP Noticias, the head of the highest Constitution interpreter in Peru indicated that the clarification order ratifies compliance with the sentence issued by the institution in March 2022, which had restored the humanitarian pardon granted to the former president back in 2017.

"(Does the TC resolution provide for the release of Alberto Fujimori?) Yes, why? Because what this clarification resolution that we have issued does is: it clears the way for the sentence issued last year to be complied with, which (had) established the immediate release of Mr. Fujimori," he expressed.

In this regard, Morales Saravia pointed out that "the rulings of the (Constitutional) Court must be followed and complied with," as must the rulings of the Supreme Court. In this case, the one that prevails is that corresponding to the TC, he noted.

"We highly value the decisions of the (Inter-American) Court (of Human Rights), its jurisprudence. However, in this case we have not ruled on that issue and, in any case, there may be a debate about the scope or not of that decision. It is now up to the penitentiary authorities to proceed with the release," he added.

Moreover, Morales Saravia expressed that the Constitutional Court's intention has never been to distract public opinion given the situation that involves the Attorney General's Office.

In this sense, he recalled that the clarification resolution issued is dated November 21, that is, before the so-called "Operacion Valkiria V" (Operation Valkyrie V) broke out.

About Fujimori

After having fled to Japan and traveled to Chile, from where he was extradited to Peru, the Fujimori patriarch was sentenced for crimes against human rights and corruption committed during his term in office.


Published: 11/29/2023