Chan Chan archaeological remains found at burial platform in Peru

Vestigios se hallaron en el sector oeste del conjunto amurallado Xllangchic–An del complejo arqueológico Chan Chan. ANDINA

10:20 | Lima, Oct. 16.

The Decentralized Directorate of Culture of La Libertad, through the Special Project Chan Chan Archaeological Complex, has unveiled remains found at a funerary platform located at Chan Chan archaeological complex intangible area in Trujillo, La Libertad.

The finds were made while working on an archaeological research project intended to preserve perimeter walls on the western side of the Xllangchic–An Walled Complex, located at the said archaeological site.

The discovery took place at the joining southwestern area. According to the structure and context features, it would be a burial platform located outside the walled ensemble.

Recovered remains included 87 pots, 31 burials (of animals and human beings), textile utensils, metals as part of grave goods, different-material beads, nacre applications, different-quality textiles, among others.

“This is an unusual discovery, since remains were found outside the walled complex. Burial platforms are usually inside these places, and used to be occupied by important people; cemeteries were built for the working class, but it’s unusual to see it outside. There is still much to research,” said Lisbeth Quijano, head of the Walled Complex project.

Excavations allowed archeologists to identify access points to a regular-sized courtyard with small storage areas, where Chan Chan people probably kept the goods they offered up to their ancestors. 


Published: 10/16/2015