BlackRock: Startup of vaccination to play key role in Peru's economic reactivation

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

18:00 | Lima, Feb. 9.

The startup of the COVID-19 vaccination process in Peru will play a fundamental role in its economic reactivation, BlackRock's Chief Investment Strategist for Latin America Axel Christensen reported on Tuesday.

He said the vaccination process is an important step in creating the conditions to return to a context similar to the one before the pandemic, because the impact of COVID-19 has caused structural changes, such as remote working and e-commerce. 

"The administration of vaccines will play a fundamental role in this reactivation process, both in Peru and in other countries across the region," Christensen pointed out.

During the forum "Global Markets and Latin America" —held by BlackRock— Christensen said that investors are paying close attention to ensure that countries can carry out more effective vaccination processes.

"What is happening in Peru, Colombia, and what is underway in Mexico, Chile and other countries, along with a comparison of the number of cases, will indicate us how rapid the process of recovery may be," he said.


Published: 2/9/2021
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