Peruvian archaeological artifacts recovered in Norway

13:45 | Oslo (Norway), Nov. 9.

Peruvian archaeological pieces recovered in Norway were shown to local media on Thursday during a ceremony at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

The cultural heritage items were seized by Norwegian police last February.

The ceremony was organized by the Peruvian Embassy in Norway. Plus, it featured Norway's Culture Minister Trine Skei Grande as well as Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø.

In her speech, Grande noted how important it is for Norway to cooperate in the search for illegally exported cultural heritage objects so that they can be returned to their countries of origin.

For her part, Minister Nybø said the pieces will be handed over in Lima (Peru's capital city) as part of a visit by Norwegian State Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marianne Hagen on December 3.

It must be noted the Nordic country has vast experience in the repatriation of archaeological material, a task in which the University of Oslo —of which the above-mentioned museum is part— has always been involved. 

Likewise, the Norwegian Customs Service takes special care to avoid trafficking of cultural goods.


Published: 11/9/2018