Archaeologists uncover ancient remains of 250 children and 40 warriors sacrificed in Peru

Photo: Luis Puell

15:56 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Aug. 27.

A team of Peruvian archaeologists found the skeletal remains of 250 children and 40 warriors sacrificed between the 13th and 15th centuries in Huanchaco district, said Feren Castillo, director of the excavation project.

The findings were unveiled in Pampa La Cruz sector, in the Huanchaco beach area located 557 km north of Lima.

Castillo explained these people are believed to be sacrificed in a Chimu ritual for deities in order to appease the wrath of nature, due to El Niño phenomenon-related natural catastrophes.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the remains belonged to sacrificed individuals, due to the marks found in their bodies and the cuts on both sides of the thorax.

According to Castillo, the bone-related research determined that the sacrificed Chimu children were aged between 4 and 12 years.

The head of this project explained that the Chimu society conducted between three and four sacrifices between 1200 and 1450, the first three of children and the last one of llamas.

The vestiges were taken to the Trujillo National University laboratory for the respective analysis.

The Chimu Culture developed between 1000 and 1200 A.D. in the northern coast of Peru. Its most remarkable practices include sacrifices for local deities in sacred rituals. 

This is the third discovery of this type held in Pampa La Cruz.


Published: 8/27/2019
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