Aragua Train faction leader captured in Peru

11:08 | Lima, oct. 5.

Thanks to coordinated action in various regions, the Peruvian National Police and the Public Ministry in the early hours of Thursday managed to capture 29-year-old Yomar Jose Delgado Palacios, also known as "Nino."

Delgado Palacios is the alleged ringleader of "Dinastia Alayon" (Alayon Dynasty) —a faction of the dangerous El Tren de Aragua (The Aragua Train) criminal organization, which originated in Venezuela.

He was detained along with 30 members of said clan dedicated to human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, and homicide.

"Nino" was captured in the Peruvian capital, Lima, inside a house located in San Juan de Lurigancho (SJL) district, from where he attempted to flee via the building's rooftop.

Nonetheless, he was quickly detained by police agents who had arrived at the site along with prosecutors.

Due to his multiple injuries, caused while seeking to escape justice, the detainee has been transferred to the Peruvian National Police Hospital —also located in Lima.

During this raid, Delgado Palacio's partner, Yesmith Adriana Cabargas Castaño, was arrested, too. She is also being investigated for the same crimes.

The operation was carried out simultaneously in the districts of SJL, Villa Maria del Triunfo, Los Olivos, Independencia, as well as in San Martin, Cajamarca, and Arequipa regions.

Likewise, law enforcement agents intervened in 42 nightclubs and buildings linked to the criminal organization. At those sites, various crimes had been planned, such as kidnapping, extortion, and human trafficking for sexual exploitation against foreign women in Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.

The Peruvian National Police reported on the successful major operation via social media.

"They (the suspects) would have participated in criminal actions linked to extortion and crimes against personal freedom with subsequent homicides to the detriment of businesspeople and health professionals, directed by members held in prisons in Peru and abroad," it indicated.

This mega police operation also included the intervention in Lurigancho, Ancon I, and Challapalca penitentiary establishments.

The Public Ministry indicated that "Dinastia Alayon" has been operating in Peru since October 2022.

According to the prosecutorial investigation, its networks would extend to Colombia and Chile.


Published: 10/5/2023