APEC 2024: Women entrepreneurs' success stories to be presented at ministerial meeting

Photo: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

Photo: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

08:37 | Lima, Apr. 24.

Success stories of women who have gotten ahead with their enterprises will be presented at the Ministerial Meetings of Women and Trade of the APEC Peru 2024 forum to be held in Arequipa, Women and Vulnerable Populations Minister Teresa Hernandez has announced.

"They (women) are important references in our country and must become benchmark for development for other women; the message is: if we have been able to achieve success, you can do it as well," she expressed on Tuesday.

In remarks to Andina news agency, Hernandez explained that various meetings will be held in Arequipa, southern Peru, from May 15-17. These will focus on the empowerment of women and their inclusion into Asia-Pacific region economies.

The Cabinet member said women have the right to become part of development around the world.

She added it is necessary to promote opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesswomen to become successful, which will benefit their families and the country.

"The success of a woman results in a family also becoming successful," she said.

The high-ranking official reminded citizens that there is a high percentage of women who run micro-businesses, as well as a significant percentage in medium- and large-sized enterprises at APEC economies, which proves that they are generating employment for other female citizens. 

She indicated that another important topic at meetings is to eliminate the gaps that exist for female citizens, mainly adolescents and young women, to participate in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering careers.

Work will also be carried —she said— on the prevention of violence against women, through technology, using as an example the Yanapp application, developed in Peru, which allows female citizens to have six contacts who can be sent an immediate alert in risk situations.

Moreover, Minister Hernandez commented that, within the framework of the meetings in Arequipa, a fair for women artisans will be held from May 4 to 10.

On May 15, a private public dialogue is set to be held in which various topics will be addressed, such as financial inclusion and the opportunities it opens up for access to financing.

On May 16, a high-level political dialogue will take place. It will see the participation of Women ministers from APEC economies. The gaps that women still face in entering the economy will be discussed on the occasion.

Later, on May 17, a joint meeting of Ministers of Women and Trade will be held. At the said event, a joint declaration will be signed to commit to developing concrete actions aimed at achieving the incorporation of women into their economies.


Published: 4/24/2024