8th Summit of the Americas' activities kick off in Peru

13:17 | Lima, Apr. 10.

The 8th Summit of the Americas' activities kicked off on Tuesday in Peru's capital city of Lima.

They include the Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors, as well as the Indigenous Peoples Forum. 

Civil society representatives attend meetings prior to the upcoming event to address "Democratic Governance against Corruption."

According to the official program, the Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors takes place at Lima's Sheraton Hotel.

At this meeting, groups are organized according to specific topics such as democracy, fight against corruption, human rights, disabled people, indigenous peoples, democratic governance, and human development, among others. 

The Indigenous Peoples Forum also takes place at the aforementioned hotel.

During said event, key topics such as territory, legal security for indigenous people, and prior consultation are addressed.

Likewise, the event is divided into three panels in order to discuss indigenous government systems and democratic governance against corruption.  

Last but not least, the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) meets at Lima Convention Center.

SIRG is the core management body of the Summits Process. It is comprised of government officials from the hemisphere countries. 


Published: 4/10/2018