President: Peru's economic growth is above others in the region

14:45 | Mariscal Nieto (Moquegua region), Dec. 26.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday stressed that Peru's economic growth for this year exceeds 2%, which is above the level reached by other countries in the region.

"In this year 2019, our GDP growth is above 2%. We would have liked it to stand above 3%, but there have been factors which have not allowed us to reach that goal. However, if we compare it (our GDP growth) with those of other countries in the region, ours is far above," the Head of State expressed.

The top official stressed that Peru has a solid economic position, which will be the foundation for better results next year.

Likewise, the statesman mentioned that the central government registered an 8% growth in public spending execution, while regional governments maintained the same level as last year, but local ones (municipalities) showed a 20% decline.

In this sense, he said the spending execution by municipalities will be reinforced in 2020, which should have the experience to better manage resources.

Furthermore, the President referred to the femicide occurred in Lima's El Agustino district last weekend and stressed that violence against women must be rejected.

The Head of State also underlined that —in order to prevent such situations from occurring again— all the rules and laws must be applied to exemplarily punish the people who act badly.

"There must be severe and exemplary punishment. It cannot be that four lives have been taken by this person, who does not even deserve to be called as such," Mr. Vizcarra emphasized.

When asked about the expressions of Justice and Human Rights Minister Ana Revilla about El Agustino case, the President said he did not accept them.

Remarks were made from Mariscal Nieto Province in Moquegua region.


Published: 12/26/2019