Peru: President Vizcarra's approval rating up 31 points to 79%

10:45 | Lima, Oct. 14.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra's approval rating went from 48% to 79% in one month, the latest Ipsos poll has revealed.

Ipsos CEO Alfredo Torres explained that Vizcarra's approval rating has hit the highest point of his presidency so far.

The survey, published in El Comercio newspaper, shows the disapproval rating dropped 32 percentage points from 48% to 16% between September and October.

Furthermore, the study reveals that 85% of respondents support the Executive Branch's decision to dissolve Congress constitutionally, while 13% disapprove of it, and 2% have no opinion on the matter.

On the other hand, 76% of those surveyed describe as right President Vizcarra's decision to dissolve Parliament as the Constitution allows it, 10% deem it incorrect, saying it constitutes a coup d'etat, 9% state it is unclear whether it was a constitutional measure or not, and 5% of respondents have no opinion on the matter.

In addition, 81% of those surveyed disapprove of Vice-President Mercedes Araoz's overall performance, whereas 10% approve it, and 9% express no opinion.

Meanwhile, the survey put Permanent Commission Chairman Pedro Olaechea's approval and disapproval ratings at 17% and 63%, respectively, the remaining 20% have no opinion on the subject.

Technical details

Pollster name: Ipsos Peru
Published by: El Comercio newspaper
Coverage: National level (urban and rural areas)
Sample size: 1,203 respondents
Fieldwork period: October 9th-11th, 2019
Margin of error: +/- 2.83%
Level of confidence: 95%


Published: 10/14/2019