Peru: Araoz resigns as Vice-President, declines appointment by Congress

22:20 | Lima, Oct. 1.

Mercedes Araoz Fernandez on Tuesday night announced that she has resigned as second Vice-President of the Republic and has declined the dissolved Congress' appointment to be interim president that she previously accepted.

In a letter to Pedro Olaechea, Chairman of the Congressional Permanent Commission, Araoz conveyed her "decision to tender an irrevocable resignation from the post of second Constitutional Vice-President of the Republic, which I have held —by popular vote— since July 2016."

"The main reason of my resignation lies in the fact that constitutional order has been disrupted in Peru," Araoz said after turning down her appointment as acting president, made by Parliament after it was dissolved. 

Araoz believes there are no minimum conditions to exercise the task given to her by the (dissolved) Congress of the Republic.

"I hope my resignation will lead to the convening of new general elections in the shortest possible time, for the sake of the country," she posted on Twitter.


Published: 10/1/2019
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