Peru President: Referendum to be held in full democracy

17:35 | Lima, Dec. 5.

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed the December 9 referendum will be carried out within a framework of full democracy.

In this sense, millions of Peruvian citizens will go to the polls in order to express their opinions on the four constitutional reforms and choose regional authorities in run-off elections.

"Peruvians will be able to express themselves freely and decide, in full democracy, on the future they want for the country. We are working day by day to strengthen democracy in Peru," the Head of State said. 

The top official pointed out the Army will celebrate its day working for a better nation —alongside the Navy, Air Force, and National Police— with the purpose of ensuring the electoral process will be carried out in peace and harmony. 

Likewise, the statesman noted the great task undertaken by the military during such process. Plus, the president expressed he is confident they will do their job with professionalism and patriotism. 

The Commander-in-Chief also honored the memory of the ones who fought against terrorism, as well as the Army members who lost their lives combating in the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM). 

"To all of them, who played a key role in the construction of our Republic, you have our deepest gratitude," he expressed. 

"(…) Be aware that, as Peruvians, we value your efforts, and you are not alone in this fight," the top official concluded. 

On the occasion, he was joined by Defense Minister Jose Huerta, as well as civilian and military authorities.


Published: 12/5/2018
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