Peru agro-exports to EU hit historic record in June 2018

14:56 | Lima, Aug. 23.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Rogers Valencia on Thursday informed that Peruvian agricultural exports to the European Union (EU) amounted to US$1.093 billion between January and June 2018, a 24% rise from the same period a year ago.

Valencia noted this is the highest six-month figure since the entry into force of the FTA with the EU in March 2013.

"Agro-exports to the European Union grew more than 80% in the first six months compared to the same period in 2013, when sales totaled US$602 million," the official underlined.

June 2018 growth was driven by higher shipments of fresh grapes (58%), mangoes (44%), avocadoes (33%), asparagus (20%), coffee (15%), and bananas (7%), which accounted for 68% of total exports.

It should be noted the European Union is the main destination for Peru's agricultural sector exports (37% of participation).

Also, Peru is the world's largest supplier of avocadoes and asparagus, the second of mangoes (after Brazil), the sixth of tangerines and coffee, the seventh of fresh grapes, as well as the 11th of bananas.
Total exports

During the first half of 2018, total Peruvian sales to the EU were valued at US$3.477 billion, up 19.3% due to increased demand from the Netherlands (30%), Germany (33%), and Belgium (51%), which accounted for nearly 70% of such increase.

Mineral (copper and zinc) exports to Spain and Germany stood out during that time.

As for foods, the highlights included higher avocado exports to Spain (28%) and the Netherlands (38%), greater sales of giant squid to Spain (47%), as well as increased shipments of mangoes (57%) and blueberries (172%) to the Netherlands.


Published: 8/23/2018
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