Peru: Primary GDP up 3.9% in August 2019

11:13 | Lima, Oct. 19.

Peruvian GDP increased 3.39% in August 2019 underpinned by a better performance of the primary sectors, which jointly expanded 3.9%, the highest growth rate so far this year, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has informed.

According to BCR, non-primary sectors rose 3.3% in the abovementioned month. 

Meanwhile, GDP grew 2.1% between January and August this year, mainly boosted by non-primary GDP (3.2%). 

The behavior of the primary sector was mainly linked to the greater production of copper and molybdenum, as well as a higher extraction of hydrocarbons (38.2%), a better performance of the primary manufacturing activity (6%), the increase in refining of non-ferrous metals, and the production of frozen fish. 

The rise in non-primary sectors was explained by a good performance of the construction segment, which expanded 4.5%. 

Meanwhile, the trade sector grew 3.1% underpinned by greater whole- and retail-sales. Plus, the service sector increased 3.7%.


Published: 10/19/2019
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